November 17, 2018

So at Games Day I got to play Trafalgar. It was great, simple, fast to pick up and the miniatures are not that expensive.. Once I get the rule. Trafalgar the Game. html. “Warhammer Historical is proud to present Trafalgar, a naval wargame, set in. Documents Similar To Trafalgar_Warhammer. warhammer ancient battles. Uploaded by. Todd Duckett. Warmaster Ancients – Warhammer Historical. Uploaded.

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Crew losses from fire and gunfire can take their toll, and before you know it, a fine fighting ship is nothing but a floating morgue. The sailing model is quick and easy.

Then just use a sharp blade to cut off remaining excess as close as possible to the teid mark. Thus far we warhaammer had just the one play-test, and it seemed to go okay, but I feel more play time will be needed before we get to the bottom of this one. It is a bit fiddly in terms of movement, particularly when it comes to tacking.

Commissar Trafalgat God Posts: The only issue with going larger or smaller scale is that you will need to have either enough ships for two people to play with or find others willing to go that scale.

We mis-interpreted the boarding rules, so that in both case where I attempted a boarding action, the attacking vessel was lost – albeit one had taken such heavy losses it probably should not have been trying to board an enemy gun ship!

Adrian, might you be able to leave 1 at the store so I can see it too I just noticed this topic, I didn’t realize there was so much interest in historical games among the BG crew! I still need to add pennants and flags Comments more then welcome. The fleet lists at the back include plenty of detail on the smaller vessels of the period, which further leads me to speculate that Trafalgar was indeed written for smaller scale actions.


This should get travalgar a good afternoon’s play. British 3rd Rate Small pts with out any upgrades 1: I would love to hold a model before throwing money at a company. Hoping to see more your work on this LvK.

Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar overview | Trafalgar | BoardGameGeek

It feels more like something you trafalgad play a hypothetical battle with, using no more than ships per side. The rules give the British the edge in this area: Second my Imperial Guardsman I still need to add pennants and flags We were learning, so it took a while to get the first couple of turns away, but after that, as is always the wwarhammer with these things, the game moved more quickly.

Once I get a fleet together I can start to show others how to play and maybe get a new game going at the local store. She is a 64 gun 3rd Rate Ship of the Line. Your blog always has a way of reigniting my long-dormant wargaming urges! The usual tactics from the period seemed to work, with raking producing the most devastating damage on ships.

Great looking ship, with nice painting and good rigging, excellent! We’re tried a number of rules over the years in the quest to find something that is ‘just right’ for our purposes. She is a 64 gun 3rd Rate small Ship of the Line. Well found a great deal online for some Langton ships on Ebay. Trafalgar is a Warhammer game. For Trafalgar, however, I fear it would simply take too long to play. Home Help Login Register.

Larger scales are a. The emphasis on the command of individual ships Command rolls supplant the Leadership checks of many other Warhammer-based systems means this is less a fleet level game and more a squadron level game. I have found that Langton models are nice but a bit prices. Here is a list of the most well known makers of Naepolianic Ships for the Trafalgar system and the scales they produce.

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Perhaps this makes for a more entertaining game, as playing the British in most Age of Sail games, you almost expect to win Movement is a bit fiddly in Trafalgar, and you really need to concentrate to ensure that your ships don’t ram each other, backing sail cue a Command check in order to ensure you don’t ram the ship ahead. One gets to roll lots of dice during combat and there is ‘opportunity fire’ – fire conducted by the non-moving player on a target of opportunity.

Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar

The latter is arguably the best fleet level set of rules we’ve played so far, and we were able to play a smoothly-running re-fight of Camperdown British versus Dutch a couple of years ago.

Strategic Command Wargaming Club. Now, seeing your work, I think I might by them anew, someday. It strikes me that in this period, vessels became combat ineffective before going down, whereas in WW2 games it seems that ships run into trouble and start sinking before crew losses reach a crippling point.

Thanks GrandMaster Eden, The rigging is all done by hand with a pair of tweezers, the smallest pinning drill bit I have and Black “Viscose” Sewing thread. British 6th Rate pts with out any upgrades So base ship totals points are with out any upgrades Now I need to create or buy bases and paint them up.

There are no written orders and simple paperwork. Tacking was also difficult to get our heads around, but that may be because I’ve been playing too much WW2 naval!