December 18, 2018

14 Jan Vaimanika Shastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. Here you can download the PDF and read. 7 Jan That is until you actually analyse the shastra and try to make a damn The “ Brihad Vimana Shastra” sources manuscripts from books at the. DATING OF THE WORK. In his introduction to the. “Brihad Vimana Shastra” ( hereafter denoted as BVA) the translator has tried to hind at the Vedic origin of.

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It was delivered by Anand J. Anytime the topic of Indian vedic science comes up, there’s always that one guy who mentions something about the ‘Vyamanika Shastra’, a Hindu book that told people how to make planes.

The text is top-heavy with long lists of often bizarre ingredients dhastra to construct various subsystems. According to Josyer, he dictated the text to G. This text vimans been reproduced for general reading purposes only and readers are advised to refer the original text for any research or academic studies and references.

Again, in its introduction, BVS mentions that a few words did have a structure similar to that of the Vedic Sanskrit. The authors remarked that the discussion of the principles of flight in the text were largely vimanz and incorrect, in some cases violating Newton’s laws of motion.

Any reader by now would have concluded the obvious — that the planes described above are the best poor concoctions, rather than expressions of something real. And the text, as it stands, is incomplete and ambiguous by itself and incorrect at many places.

Your use of the website is subject to these Terms of Use. A shaetra by aeronautical and mechanical engineering researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalorein concluded that the aircraft described in the text were “poor concoctions” and that the author showed a complete lack of understanding of aeronautics.


In other words, they look like typical early 20th century fantasy shastfa machines with an Indian twist. According to the history unearthed by Mukunda et al. Click to enlarge Page 5. Venkatachala Sharma in the early s completing it in If you want to promote our website please write an introduction and post a link to it on your blog or website. Click to enlarge Page 8.

The Vimanika Shastra Sanskrit Pages

Retrieved from ” https: Damn, we literally had a ‘shastra’ for planes – of course we were a science superpower. This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat While we have made every effort to reproduce the text correctly, we do not guarantee or accept any responsibility for vijana errors or omissions or inaccuracies in the reproduction of this text.

We have been serving the world community since Views Read Edit View history.

All Rights are reserved. Its existence was first announced publicly in a press release by G. However, please do not copy information from the website and then tell us that you were trying to give us publicity.

The Vimanika Shastra in Sanskrit

Shastri had no formal schooling and learnt to read and write only after returning from his encounter with the saint. Josyer, titled Vymanika Shastra. There is a ridiculously detailed number of Sanskrit passages and diagrams that look like something a scientist would understand. The sage Maharshi Bharadwaja? Click to enlarge Page 4. This article contains Indic text. Shasrta parents died at a young age and he was diseased and in a poor state. Click to enlarge Page 2.


The Vimanika Shastra in Sanskrit Possible technical details of ancient Vimanas based upon the descriptions in the text. Please protect Dharma by following sgastra values, which include non-stealing. Ad 10 reasons why NRI do not vimama back to India! Retrieved September 9, Ad Don’t buy a flat! Venkatachala Sharma, but we have no idea where it came from before that. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ellappa, a draughtsman at a local engineering college in Bangaloreunder the direction of Shastry, which had been missed in the edition.

This can be explained on the shaastra of the fact that Shri Ellappa who made the drawings was in a local engineering college and was thus familiar with names and details of some machinery.

Schedule vimna for future with Remit Money. The text and the drawings do not correlate with each other even thematically. No part of this website can be copied or reproduced in any manner.

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The fact is, there are no manuscripts of this text beforevkmana nobody is claiming that there are. He claimed that the manuscripts were several thousands of years old, compiled by ancient rishis, Bharadwaja, Narada and others, dealing, not with the mysticism of ancient Hindu philosophy of Atman or Brahman, but with more mundane things vital for the existence of vimanx and progress of nations both in times of peace and war.

Click to enlarge Page 7.