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Project Gutenberg’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua, by John Henry Cardinal Newman This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Apologia pro Vita Sua, by John Henry Newman This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Table Of Contents. Apologia Pro Vita Sua – John Henry Newman Edited with an Introduction by Ian Ker. Abbreviations Introduction Select Bibliography.

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The Puritan Origins of the Self.

What this amounts to is a view that Scripture is insufficient and that infallible divine revelation has not ceased; it also means that whatever Councils determine by majority vote is considered to be divine revelation. Newman’s motivation for composing the work, and hence his rationale tor handling his materials, are characteristic of autobiography as a genre; as he states in the preface, lie intends not only to “draw out, as far as may be, the history of my mind,” but also to “give the true key to my whole life” Citations to volume and page number in other works in the Library Edition take the following form: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I would by no means be thought to insinuate, that every one who is brought to that happy resolution, arrives ar it through those particular steps, or feels agitations of mind equal in degree to those I have described And now that I am about to trace, as far as I can, the course of that great revolution of mind, which led me to leave my own home, to which I was bound by so many strong and tender ties, I feel overcome with the difficulty of satisfying myself in my account of it, and have recoiled from the attempt, till the near approach of the day, on which these lines must be given to the world, forces me to set about the task.

For it is not his brother priests who are, after all, still alive whom Newman mourns in this elegiac passage.

Apologia Pro Vita Sua (A Defense of One’s Life)

Being prro History of his Religious Opinions. Indeed, it might have been taken directly from Philip Doddridge’s The Rise and Progress which, although not an autobiographical work per se, attempts to describe the stages in a Christian’s journey from sin to salvation. Harcourt, Brace, and World,pp. In chapter I, he points out that he learned from Bishop Bull “to consider that Antiquity was the true exponent of the apoloia of Christianity” 33 and this belief, coupled with nwman principle of analogy that he learned from Butler, prepares for the view of ecclesiastical history that eventually leads to Rome.

In this principle, articulated by the great Catholic divine of antiquity and repeated by a leading English Catholic of the nineteenth century, Newman finds validation for his use of ecclesiastical history in newmaj Apologia. A fellow Anglican priest, Charles Kingsley, began attacking Newman in the press. His Apologiawritten nearly twenty years later in response to a scurrilous public attack by Charles Kingsley, is a vuta crafted response to those who criticized his actions and questioned his motives, and traces his spiritual development since boyhood, his close involvement in the high church Tractarian Movement and his agonizing decision to reject the church he had been born into.


Return to Book Page. Citations will be to this text, which is based upon the edition that includes all of Newman’s emendations. Jan 01, Pages Buy. Newman had once spoken of his evangelical years ar Oxford as “a type of Protestantism”: Quis talia fando Myrmidonum Dolopumve aut duri miles Ulixi temperet a lacrimis?

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

He found criticisms of errors in the Roman church of the 16th century, but nothing that would make newmann impossible. Scott’s model allowed Newman to write within the English autobiographical tradition without acquiescing, in narrative pattern, to radical Protestant notions of conversion.

Thus, the Infallibility of the Church is supposedly true because the Church is infallible.

His Catholic theology inclined him against using literary forms, however popular, that held the stain of Protestant dogma, and the English spiritual autobiography certainly had been shaped, if not stained, by its Protestant theological origins.

This was my “boss level” before walking the Canterbury Trail and hitching my wagon to the Anglican Communion. Fleishman’s book is more trustworthy as literary history, but it should be nored that the “figures” Fleishman associates with Augustine are, with two interesting exceptions, common types readily available to autobiographers from the Bible itself and in particular from St.

I finished the hendy Apologiabut have not newan all of the appendices which shed light on aspects of the main work.

But it is precisely the work’s omission of secular concerns and its consistent attention to the development of Newman’s theological beliefs that provide the most conclusive evidence of its generic intention. Surely he had no desire to propagate in the Apologia a pattern of private interpretation he had rejected as insufficient for his life.

Sheed and Ward,p. The role of the hero for Homer is simply to win great honor in a harsh world, to achieve lasting fame. This apologix a brilliant work in many ways.

It’s my duty, no doubt, to write at length on the Apologia in the near future, but for now suffice it to say I was hugely underwhelmed. Friction during the years from to led Newman and his allies in the Oxford Movement to publish a aapologia, the Tracts for the Timesto which Newman was a contributor.

Before I had no frame of reference.

Newman’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua

In accusing Kingsley of bad faith in attacking him and apllogia that he was dishonest, as he had never consulted with Newman nswman learn his mind, he responds to an hypothetical question: So at least Shumaker suggests when he writes of the gradual evolution during the nineteenth century from i. The Christian Middle Ages saw Virgil as a prophet because he is practically unique among the pagans in having a linear, teleological view of history. For Newman, sha figures of deathbed and bier provide a crucial strategy: Kingsley,” with a brief summary of the events that had occasioned rhe work.


Yet if the autobiographer cannot escape the power of the generic conventions to shape his self-conception, it is equally impossible to imagine an autobiography that is, a history of an individual self that merely repeats the conventions.

It would be presumptuous for anyone to write an henryy of doctrine, to make a confessio fideibefore undergoing personal experiences that teach the truth of Christian doctrine. Yet despite the generic misconceptions of its readers, and despite the circumstantial evidence of publication, the Apolngia is a classic example of the spiritual autobiography—indeed, the culminating English example.

Newman serves the objective truth as well but by, ‘throwing himself into hwnry he writes’, not out of any narcissistic need to be recognized, he seeks to bring people to an enrichment of the faith by his personal witness. Superscript numbers link only to documents containing substantial bibliographical information and commentary; the numbers do not form a complete sequence.

Newman’s “Apologia pro vita sua”: The Dilemma of the Catholic Autobiographer

Kingsley’s attack, as Newman realized, had attempted “to cut the ground from under my feet;—to poison by anticipation the public mind against me, John Henry Newman, and to infuse into the imagination of my readers, hsnry and mistrust of everything that I may say in reply to him” 6. There was usually too much I didn’t know about the individuals, situation, politics or other intricacies to nfwman able to discern what he was getting at.

His reflections at the end on the role of the Church and the nature of infallibility were Interesting read, but just too far over my head. In the opening pages of the Apologiahe refers to Thomas Scott as apolofia writer who made a deeper impression on my mind than any other, and the man to whom humanly speaking I almost owe my soul,” and he cites Scott’s autobiography.

His mother had died before his conversion to Roman Catholicism, but that was not, of course, the obstacle. A revised version of the Apologia Pro Vita Sua with many passages rewritten and some parts omitted, was published in I shall henceforth occupy myself not with you, but with your charges. So many beautifully written proses and quotes. Like Scott, Newman chronicles the sources of his beliefs in “The History of My Religious Opinions to the Year ,” beginning with those he acquired from evangelical associates or writers: According to Wiseman, the question is “essentially one of fact rather than of right; that is to say, the very newmwn of one particular Church being out of the aggregation of other Churches, constituted these judges over the other, and left no room for questioning the justice of the condemnation.

A The Confessions of Saint Augustine.