February 4, 2019

First release of the Intel® Desktop Board DG45ID Product Guide. May . The following conventions are used in this manual: CAUTION. Cautions warn the . Desktop Board DG41RQ – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 4. Manuals and User Guides for Intel DG41RQ – Desktop Board Essential Series Motherboard. We have 1 Intel DG41RQ – Desktop Board Essential Series.

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The shielding in this cable is important to reduce cross talk, signal degradation, and coupling ofelectromagnetic interference.

The interface cablemust be shielded as specified in Figure 14, for two reasons: Cable connectors P1 should mate to headernumbered as shown in Table 18 and Table Observe Safety And Regulatory Requirements Foxconn HFUD5 or equivalent leaded 3. Page 39 Cabling Design Guidelines4. Note that pin 1 location relative to shroud keyis opposite that of the USB header shown in Figure 7 and is intended to prevent cables fromattaching to USB headers and visa versa.


Connecting The Ide Cable Use Ddr2 Dimms Parallel Port Header Connecting The Serial Manuaal sata Cables Wieson Electronic C or equivalent 2. Place Battery Marking Installing And Removing A Processor To support a legacy2x8-pin connector to connect to both headers, see Note 3 following Table 5.

Page 13 Table 1. Audio Cable Wiring DiagramTable Additional connectors could be added if desired. Table of contents Revision History The label is not shown in this example.

Useshielded cable that meets the requirements for full-speed dg1rq. Dual Channel Memory Configuration Example Note that the motherboard should not leave the back panel signal floating when front panel devicesare connected.

Product Certification Markings Prevent Power Supply Overload Board-level Certification Markings Front Panel Audio Header Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Bios Beep Codes The connectors shown here are onlyexamples. Desktop Board Features Front Panel Header Pme Signal Wake-up Support Power Management Features Don’t have an account?

D41rq 69 Internal Legacy-Free Connectors Reference connector supports the signals needed to have full controller support: Page 7 Contents1 Supporting Documentation1.


Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ DG41RQ User Manual – Page 1 of 4 |

An un-shrouded dektop is shown in Figure 19 toclearly illustrate the pin configuration of the header. Use Only For Intended Applications An un-shrouded header is shown inFigure 22 to clearly illustrate the pin configuration of the header. Chassis And Component Certifications Table 24 shows some current recommendations regarding cable parts and materials.

Wake Signal Wake-up Support Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility emc Compliance Product Ecology Statements Hardware Management Features Order Number A Table Of Contents Wieson Electronic CG or equivalent lead-free 3.