November 23, 2018

Home Built Hydraulic Ram Pumps. Two Useful Designs show you how to pump water for free. HydRam Pump. Complete detailed and illustrated instructions. 27 Feb Final Report: Design of a Low Cost, Self Operating Hydraulic Ram Pump for Water Retention and Lifting in Developing Countries: Bringing. University and their book “Hydraulic Hydraulic Ram Pumps – A guide to Hydraulic Ram Pump Systems design, implementation and important issues to.

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The air chamber is a vital component, as apart from improving the efficiency of the process by allowing delivery to continue after the delivery valve has closed, it is also essential to cushion the shocks that would otherwise occur due to the incompressible nature of water.

Conclusions drawn by the principal investigators have not been reviewed by the Agency. The size is based on the maximum demand per day.

Table 2 indicates that the minimum and maximum length for a 40mm pipe the closest size to 38mm is 6mm. The hydram body requires to be firmly bolted to a concrete foundation, as the beats of its action apply a significant shock load. The perspectives, information and conclusions conveyed in research project abstracts, progress reports, final reports, journal abstracts and journal publications convey the viewpoints of the principal investigator and may not represent the views and policies of ORD and Hhdram.

The hydraulic ram pump system. This document is not copyrighted, so you are free to print and distribute it. The Hydram pump components must be designed to specifications generated from from puml results of a site survey and an environmental assessment.

BMEIA Hydram Pump Design

Using Table 1, for a fall of 10m and a lift of 80m, liters can be pumped a day for each liter per minute supplied. Hydraulic Ram Sequence I. Mode of Operation and Performance Evaluation. Since the head H contributed to water acceleration in the driven pipe, this acceleration is given by.


The relevant parameters were the head ratio, friction coefficient and the dimensionless numbers corresponding to those of Froude, Reynolds and Mach. Furthermore, Nikuradse et al. Figure 2 illustrates a typical hydram installation, pumping water to a small storage tank on a plateau.

Perhaps the efficiency may vary if another ppump size is used. The air valves allow air into the hydram to replace the air absorbed by the water due to the high pressure and mixing in the air chamber.

Bernoulli’s equation; Pump flow analysis; Pump flow cycle; Fatigue; Manufacturing. A ram pump made from standard pipe fittings.

Based on the design the volume flow rate in the derived pipe was 4. The cost of the drive pipe can also be quite high for the larger sizes. Since water can dissolve air, especially under pressure, there is a tendency for the air in the chamber to be depleted by being carried away with the delivery flow.

Rams can be constructed using commercially available check valves or by fabricating check valves. The installation of a hydram pump see figure 5 is such that the cycle of its operation is dependent upon the length of the drive pipe. The check valve C remains in its normal closed positions by both the attached spring and water pressure in the tank D and the delivery pipe E no water in the tank prior to start up.

The overall cost of fabrication of this hydram shows that the pump is relatively cheaper than the existing pumps. A general description of the hydraulic ram which solved most of the design problems was undertaken by Molyneux [3]. Eventually this flow will accelerates enough to begin to close the waste valve this occurs when the drag and pressure in the water equal the weight of the waste value.

In order to ascertain the nature of the flow that is whether laminar or turbulentit was necessary to determine the Reynolds number given by. From item 3 above, the supply available is The force that accelerates the fluid is given by. Once the pressure exceeds the static delivery head, water will be forced up the delivery pipe.


In Roman times, the first reciprocating pump appeared BC and this remained the main pump type in use for several centuries, operated by hand, animal, water or wind power, mechanical skill developed, and metals came more into use, but the limiting factor with all these older pumps was the relatively low power output which is delivered by them. These are the impulse valve or waste valve and the delivery check valve.

The length of pipe from the source to the pump site called the drive pipe. Eventually the column of water in the drive pipe comes to a halt and the static pressure in the casing then falls to near the supply head pressure. Once this information has been obtained, a calculation can be made to see if the amount of water needed can be supplied by a ram.

The following are the steps in design. In addition, the agency develops suitable technologies for rural communities, in particular, products related to water supply systems. Hydraulic Ram for village use was developed by V.

How to Make a Hydraulic Ram Pump – Howtopedia – english

Calvert evaluated the performance characteristics of hydraulic ram. Skip to main Skip to footer. The drive pipe must be made of a non-flexible material for maximum hydraj. A in USA [2].

Since 2, liters per day is required, the number of liters per minute needed can be found by dividing 2, by The Reynolds numbers was known to be in effective in machines of practical size and that a range exists over which the Mach number has little influence. There is often an adjustable bolt which limits the opening of the valve to a predetermined amount which allows the device to be turned to optimise its performance.