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H11A1Z Datasheet PDF Download – VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler, H11A1Z data sheet. H11A1Z VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. H11A1Z Datasheet: VDE APPROVED TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER, H11A1Z PDF Download ETC1, H11A1Z Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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Polycarbonate transparent lens with removable chrome finish bezel. An OPIC device consists of a light-detecting element and signal-processing circuit integrated onto a single chip.

If the V ac datxsheet V ac types are to be used in applications where there is a possibility of an overload by extremely high noise levels or surge, the device must be protected by fitting a mA quick blow fuse in series.

A range of panel mounted, wire ended indicators. The Versatile Link system features smaller package size, and includes latching connectors.

Contents in this document are subject to change without notice. Also available in wide-lead spacing This datasneet faciliates class leading thermal performance from multiple LEDs within a tight cluster arrangement.

Two colour LEDs connected common cathode. These modules are ideal for a wide range of low dagasheet laser applications, such as general sighting, levelling and positioning. Connection is via 0.

VCH except 3mm, T1 2. Applications include optoelectronic switches, edge detection, touch panels and process control sensing.


Anode Cathode Yellow 8. Connection is via two insulated solder bucket terminals.

H11A1Z – VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler

Anode Cathode Ultra Red 8. Compatible with automatic More information. It provides a long dqtasheet range 60mm and offers programmability for easy design into a variety of portable devices. Black anodised housing fitted with fixing nut and washer. With two active areas available these devices are an excellent balance of performance and economy. TTL input logic levels allows direct ddatasheet with a microcontroller, and an optically isolated power output stage drives IGBTs with power ratings of up to A and V.

Panel Cut-Out Recessed yellow Mounting hole dia. They are sealed to IP67 rating fitted with sealing rings, fixing nut and washer. Two photosensitive areas are made on a single chip. Voltage pk min min t r t f Mftr.

Anode Cathode Green 8. They are fitted in a high quality bright chrome brass housings, giving protection to IP67, fitted with O ring, fixing nut and washer.

Two active areas are available: Connecting and soldering LEDs must be connected the correct way round, the diagram. This is an ever changing industry and as such all specifications.

The filters transmit infrared light at wavelengths greater than nm and are virtually opaque to visible light.

Alternatively, glass-less, Lite modules are available where the laminate daatsheet backed with a stainless steel sheet for strength and durability. Low profile rear mounting neon which snap-fits into a clip-on lens.

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H11A1Z Datasheet PDF – ETC1

They provide highly accurate attenuation over a wide range of wavelengths. This is achieved by implementing a 15 micron gap between pixels to give a much denser image. David Mrnak, International Sales Department, eyevis GmbH as a pioneer LED-lit rear projection technology, eyevis provides the widest range of products regarding sizes and resolutions – proven technology in robust design.

The 5mm LEDs are fitted in high quality prominent or recessed, bright chrome or black chrome brass housings, fitted with fixing nut and washer.

The deep reflector types are g11a1z recessed with a parabolic shroud which focuses the light output to give a strong directional signal. Package in 8mm tape on 7 diameter reel. Invisible UV Radiation, precautions must be taken when operating. This technology is a breakthrough in thermal performance for LED packaging, achieving high luminous intensity in very small footprints. Mftrs Voltage Type Temp. The -pin Through Hole Technology design allows highly efficient heat h11q1z.

Termination mm flexible leads. The small size makes these devices suitable for high product integration on a PCB. Fluorescent 25, hours min. Order Code and x 31 x