June 22, 2019

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The book had techniques in climbing just not the kind I was thinking of. The exer- cise becomes rote and motivation drops.

Guerreros de la roca: entrenamiento mental para escaladores – Arno Ilgner – Google Books

This could be more because “reading” in climbing is more widely visual and less rigidly sequential compared to a rhythm game, but I thought the comparison was interesting.

I am going to read his 1. That being said, however, I found the book to be full of platitudes and easier said than done concepts that lacked any meaningful recommendations as to how to implement these changes in my mindset while climbing.

While most of the concepts by themselves are hardly ground-breaking revolutions, the down-to-earth presentation applied to a specif I picked up this book expecting climbing technique, and was surprised to find that it is much more closely tied to mindfulness and can be applied to any situation involving risk and action–that is to say, life.

Remember the importance of feeling challenged. Ultimately I came around to the book, and think it will be very useful in helping me learn more about myself, learn more and grow more personally from my climbing, and almost incidentally will probably result in me climbing harder grades as well.

This outlines a very useful mindset to use while climbing and in life.

It’s true that he writes about the psychology of climbing without really knowing psychology, but his ideas are spo At first, I was escaaladores of whether I’d like this book. Once in the thick of things on a climb, we quickly forget why we are there. So – the book succeeds in its primary aim.

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This book does seem to have a strange power to it though – although I can’t think of any groundbreaking insight I got from this book, I do feel that it was helpful.

Gkerreros are plenty of personal stories and climber experiences that the author uses to relate to the specific points to improve understanding of the concept. Jul 30, Eryk Banatt rated it liked it. It is inevitable that one will feel pain, discomfort and exhaustion in the middle of a climb, but the last thing that is letting the body give up is the mind.

Guerreros De La Roca Entrenamiento Mental Para Escaladores Arno Ilgner

Their attention becomes focused on why rocx agree or disagree with some early remark. So the philosophical underpinnings seemed suspect, and I struggled with that throughout.

The mindset that is taught in this book is similar to the mindset of a samurai. All of us fall prey to hidden, habitual thought patterns that lead to sub-optimal performance.

This book will teach one how to get into the right mindset to be strong willed, and mentally prepared to climb. I think usually I get the picture describing the holds in that way, in that I’m referring to them as “not very positive” or “very small”, but I think the habit will likely make me approach climbs in a negative way if I let it continue that way. Although some of the metaphors were a bit cheesy it pointed out aspects and language that I previously had brushed over.

As cliche as it might sound, existing in the moment is so important, especially when the whole point of your activity is to have as good of a time as possible. Well, its pretty spiritual – a good guide for many aspects of life – not just relevant to climbing. Why wasn’t this mentioned in chapter 1? There was a bit about Bad Posture Wasting Energy. When followed each step should help the athlete’s performance.

Rock Warrior’s Way – E-bok – Arno Ilgner () | Bokus

So why are you feeling anxious? Core mental framing issues made a lot of sens I really battled with the whole warrior metaphor sorry! It seemed so certain type of stereo-typically American, escaladorex the way of the warrior, holding up the steely-eyed soldier, calm of heart and ready to execute as the ideal to aspire to. He sprinkles his own personal anecdotes to help us relate to these new concepts and provides exercises and the end of the book to truly master his process before you hop on your project.


Oct 17, Jenny rated it really liked it. A friend recommended this book to help with the mental aspect of rock climbing.

Guerreros de la roca : entrenamiento mental para escaladores

You were only partially present at the scene of the climb. Jan 10, Ben Feinstein rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not easy to do, but I know that when I focus on these things I am a better climber and feel better about life.

On a related note, he mentions focusing on the entire field of vision which contrasts with the advice I typically hear from elite osu! As you enter a climbing challenge, make sure you expect to make an effort.

In this case, you focus attention on your inner self Thoughts have a large influence on climbing outcomes. To see what enttrenamiento friends thought guerreors this book, please sign up. In the “Exercises” section, section 9. Nov 10, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: I gave it a 4 instead of 5-star rating because it goes a little too much into Eastern philosophy for me at times. Some of the advice you can toss, but some of it has been extremely helpful, especially now that I’m trying to get back into leading after injuring myself, which is much more psychological than it is physical.