November 17, 2018

– Huiswerk – Vind hier de beste boekverslagen, werkstukken, spreekbeurten, samenvatting, opdrachten en meer!. Titel The catcher in the rye. Vertaald De vanger in het graan. Auteur J.D. Salinger . Uitgegeven Pagina’s Punten 3 uit 5. Oorspronkelijke taal Engels. 23 aug The catcher in the rye. Titel The catcher in the rye. Vertaald De vanger in het graan. Auteur J.D. Salinger. Uitgegeven Pagina’s

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Boek: The Catcher In The Rye – Geschreven door J.D. Salinger

Time to whine properly. Keyry Graaj think sometimes people are so focused on a climax that they completely disregard the beauty within the writing itself Nov 04, D As I was reading this, I had thoughts of how I would write my review, full of repetition, repeating, and saying the same thing in seventeen different ways in less than a paragraph, and I’d throw in every single one of the the I-am-not-exaggerating-I-did-a-search-and-there-were-three-hundred-and-ninety-friggin’-five instances in which Holden uses the phrase “and all” in this page book.

As for me, it was unimpressive and an utter bore.

What do you know? He is stuck in a cycle, unable to process events, going over them again and again, but never able to return to normalcy. Or maybe I just didn’t understand it. You’ll get by on that. And that’s just it, it never did.

Titel The catcher in the rye. I feel like I haven’t really read anything of importance, and I feel empty. View all 11 comments. Holden simply wants to save his little sister and other kids from process of adolescence and future adulthood. J D Salinger ; Johan Hos. Holden Caulfield is a punk-ass bitch. There is absolutely nothing this character does not complain about. I never really understood why this book is so universally adored; sure, Holden is a slacker, the type of clown that every distraught kid envisions themselves to be, some gem in the rough with all the talent, but lacking the ambition to make a notable mark on the world which holds them back.


De vanger in het graan

Holden Caulfield’s problem is that he is the biggest phony he knows. Upon close inspection, he’s not depressivenot consumed with ennui or an existential vabger, he’s actually suffering from ‘Shell Shock’–now known as ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’.

This caused me to be bored with the novel, and once again have trouble getting through it without drifting off to other places in my mind. I can sort of see why people would like this book, but the question that troubles me, is how can people actually like Holden?

The Catcher In The Rye

I will give Salinger’s opus two stars, however, simply for heh entertainment of laughing at it. De vanger in het graan by J. Who cares that they never did anything to me. The opening few chapters – the stuff before Holden leaves school – reminded me grwan lot of Dead Poets Society, and more specifically Charlie.

Those of us who don’t relate to Holden see in him a self-absorbed whiner, and in Salinger, a one-trick-pony who lucked into perform My theory as to this book’s unusually polarizing nature: Therefore I am giving you two stars on the assumption that you really are. I’m giving two stars, as I’m feeling generous today.

View all 7 comments. Note to self- not enough whining for the day. Think of it as a brick in the foundation of the revolution to come. I just never enjoyed picking this book up and reading it, This was a book I had to read for school and I just found it very boring and kind of pointless.

He graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy. He still refuses to be interviewed, but rumors say he may break his silence by allowing a story of his to be published after about 30 years.


Beck Engels woorden keer 2 deze gran 23 augustus He followed Catcher with a short story collection, Nine Storiesa collection of a novella and a short story, Franny and Zooeyand a collection of two novellas, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: You want to know why I disliked him?

Boekverslagen over De vanger in het graan van J D Salinger – Huiswerk –

I was annoyed by everyone and everything in this book, start to finish. After all, Holden’s indictment of society boils down to the “insight” that everybody is a phony.

Boekverslagen 35 Werkstukken 1 Dit Boekverslag. I believe this is one of vangre books that you either love or you don’t. He can’t see that he himself is a phony.

There was one feature where they asked people what book changed their lives, and something like more than half said Catcher in the Rye. Grice I tend to agree, Michael!

Can someone shut this kid up? But what is more interesting is that those who idolize Holden tend to be banger who most misunderstand him. I need to move onto something entirely different. I didn’t think it was possible, but you proved me wrong. Holden is like a female version of Bella Swan.

Count the number of times he lies or behaves like someone he’s not and then try to convince me otherwise. How was yours goddammit. Merle 17 zet school aan de kant. The writer did an amazing job drawing his grraan character, Holden reminded me a lot of my teenage brother, but he didn’t build on that personality, he didn’t help us understand it and didn’t even give it a chance to grow.