December 2, 2018

This document is intended for use with IBM Cognos Event Studio. Event Our documentation includes user guides, getting started guides, new features guides, . This document is intended for use with Cognos Event Studio. Event Studio is a Web-based product for creating and managing agents that monitor data and. IBM Cognos Event Studio Version User Guide Note Before using this information and the product it supports, read the information in Notices on page Product.

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Amit Sharma An Introduction Cognos Event Studio to notify decision-makers of events as they happen, so that they can make timely and effective More information.

Use cognso send an email to a group of people or stakeholders who need to be notified when the event occurs. It is common that there is a person who needs to take action or uset the action, and others should be notified to make them aware that the event has occurred.

Click the Select the recipients link to assign recipients.

IBM Cognos Event Studio Version User Guide

Select Sales and Marketing query package. All rights More information. Add Task s to Agent: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

So you need to create an event condition that tells the agent how to determine that the event sturio occurred.

The agent will then use the same value for all the report task options and content maintenance options. You must select the task you want to preview by clicking the coghos for the task you want to preview, and choosing the preview option. In the Parameter Name text box, type a name for the parameter.

Dtudio Time, click Now. The following data changes can be simulated: Drag and drop Personal Accessories to the end of the expression in the Expression box.


Everyday is a new day

To have the report automatically distributed if the report is approved by the manager, add a second task for run a report.

Studioo IBM Cognos Connection, in the Actions column for the agent, click the icon for Create an agent view of this agent icon blue color box.

To see all the reports included in the samples packages, copy the files from the samples content installation into deployment folder and then import the deployments into the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence product.

The File option in the application bar has five different options. Use this option to add tasks to the agent that sends secure notification about the event to the Inbox of recipients specified. Your final result should look similar to this: The Content Maintenance tasks do one of two things: In Query Studio, you shudio. During that time, data may change and new requirements appear. The Customer Contact Sample This report sample is used in a tutorial in this document.

User’s Guide Second Edition.

Product Information This document applies. Use this option to go to the IBM website.

Event Studio User Guide

This ensures that you are granted appropriate permission to run it. When viewing tasks, the details of each task display in this area. The agent monitors data and performs tasks according to studioo schedule and does not need to be run manually. You do not need to continually check the call system or run reports. The count is determined using the current data in the database.

You can identify the recipient as aPotential Owner or Stakeholder. If the tasks logically depend on the output of another task, then you should run them in sequence; however, if all the tasks are independent of each other and the evenf of one task does not impact the output of the other tasks, you can choose to run them all at once.


Instead of users receiving multiple reports in separate emails, you can collect the outputs of all these reports and send them together in a single email by running them in Event Studio Agent. Customers withhold payment for the entire order until the issue is resolved. Enables you to insert a previously used value for the data item in the task page.

The search utility displays at the bottom of the tree when a level has more members than can be displayed due to space onstraints. You can reset the event list so that when the agent runs next, all detected events have a status of new. Copyright IBM More information.

Event Studio opens in a separate web browser. Alternatively, you can cognoe using the Preview option in the toolbar and choosing the appropriate value from the drop-down list: Event Key An event key is used to determine whether an event is new, ongoing but changed, ongoing and unchanged, or ceased. Doing this enables you to provide current information in the report by running it when required see Figure sttudio. Specify the start date and time when you want the schedule to start via the Start option.

By default, tasks are executed for all new and all ongoing instances of events. Krity Pal May 8, at 3: These tasks are as follows: This area provides you the summary of the event condition and all the tasks defined in the agent.

You will now create a task that runs the report and distributes it to studko users via email. Create an Agent View An agent view can be created of an agent to share the agent specification.