November 21, 2018

CONTENTS. Introduction PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles. Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man. Introduction 5. PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man Wallace Wattles, This times I’ve decided to talk about a great book, yet still widely unknown: A New Christ.

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You will readily see that the business, and property-owning class had to get the money to pay their taxes by exploiting the multitude in some way.

The Roman empire was a great taxing machine. As they grew in grace they did not grow more alike in characteristics. We reach a new plateau of enlightened vision, and from here we can see ahead an ever-expanding vista of beauty and perfection. Why did He lay stress upon the fact that He was a man?

I am not going to rail at the church; but the church charges us with infidelity, with atheism and immorality, and I am going to reply with a statement of the case and with a counter charge. A fountain cannot send forth sweet and bitter at the same time. It puts tremendous power at our disposal. W hen we are reborn into the higher self we shall have far more individuality.

Get to Know Us. Never before were these words of Jesus more true: But turn back to our description of the condition of the masses in His day, and you will get a different idea.

We shall find ourselves more unique. After reading this book I can see how the words of God have been made of no effect. W hat does it mean, this loving one’s neighbor as himself?

Herron Collection, — bulk —Grinnell College Nea, George Davis Herron — was a Congregational Church minister and professor of Applied Christianity at Grinnell College from — where watt,es attracted nationwide attention for his radical statements. After Life-consciousness is attained, the step to Health- consciousness is easy.

A New Christ : Wallace D Wattles :

Jesus healed the sick in the families of rulers and high officials, and they appear to have responded liberally in supplying His financial needs. That is the only reason God could possibly have for giving authority to any man; if there is a man anywhere today upon whom the divine sanction rests, it is not because he is a Pharisee, a Methodist, Presbyterian, Republican or Democrat, but because he is a Wallxce.


It would produce the fabrics wherewith to clothe ten times its present population finer than Solomon was arrayed in all his glory. He was thinking, you see, not of himself, even in the hour of his extremity, but of his father. One is here greater than the temple, greater than the Sabbath, awttles than the system, greater than the institution, greater than the Wallacr or State.

You are to serve by inviting men to the feast, not by handing them a few crumbs from your own plate. Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: The chris sinful infidelity is infidelity to the truth; the only vile treason is treason to the weak. View or edit your browsing history. Lazarus and his sisters, whose home was always open to Him, were people of consequence; for we are told that “many of the Jews” came to comfort the sisters when Lazarus died.

Pissed off life didn’t come with an instruction manual? The wxllace sinful infidelity is not being unfaithful to some church, but being unfaithful to the truth; and the vilest treason is not turning against some government, but turning against the weak and helpless.

Wallace Wattles

Their lives had been turned outward from the center and they could again function in the dimension of Divine creativity. The Day Productivity Plan: Eliot — Eeldrop and Appleplex. The classic guide to creating wealth through the Law of Attraction. In that country and climate their wants were few and simple, and were fully supplied. In its conquered provinces, the people were left, as far as possible, with their own local government and institutions of justice, the function of the Roman officials being to extort tribute, or collect taxes.

In this, both are the opposites of Christian socialism. He wrote books outlining these principles and practices, giving them titles that described their content, such as Health Through New Thought and Fasting and The Science of Being Great.

He knew that no harm could come to Him, against His will; chgist none did. As he came in, he glanced anxiously at his wife, and then at us, and read the worst of tidings in our faces. Cgrist we say with St. But when I stand in a schoolroom and look into the bright faces of a hundred, boys and girls – when I stand in the crowded marketplace, or in a mill or factory where my brothers and sisters toil to supply the needs of the world, and I remember that every soul before me contains possibilities as boundless as the universe itself; when I stand in the presence of this toiling, seeking, loving, suffering, glorious, common humanity, Wallacd bare my head and bow in reverence, for here, indeed, I am in the presence of Almighty God.


Such passages in the prophecies as; “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and we hid, watttles it were, our faces from him; he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth,” have been quoted to show His character, and the meekness and humbly submissive spirit with which He endured wrong and injustice; and we have had held up as the ideal man a despised, friendless, poverty-stricken laborer whom the upper classes regarded with scorn because of his lowly origin and station; who had no friends save fishermen, laborers, outcasts and sinners; who was often shirtless and hungry, and who bore insults and persecutions with meek submission, and walked about in a scornful world with his hands always uplifted in loving benediction.

Man always has the choice. And as the oppressed property holders had no way to meet the extractions of government but by oppressing the poor, the condition of the masses was pitiful indeed. That is the essential thought of the life of the Kingdom – that there shall be no seeking for power over other men; over against it He places the essential thought of the world-life, which is the strife for power, and for the uppermost place.

The elements which compose all visible nature are in the atmosphere, waiting to be organized into form; and the atmosphere itself is only a condensed and palpable form of the one original substance – Spirit w God.

Only the man himself can will; and wallace he wills it is his whole personality which comes into action. Second, He could not have been despised for His ignorance, for He was a very learned man.